What kinds of vegetables do you grow?radishes

We grow over fourty different vegetables with over 100 varieties each season. In the spring we have lighter and leafier crops like lettuce, kale, spinach, swiss chard, peas and radish. Your classic summer favorites like carrots, cucumbers, beans, peppers, tomatoes and onions join us in mid-season. Heavier and warming crops like potatoes, winter squash, garlic, celeriac root, rutabega and celery round out the season in the fall. We grow all the vegetables that you’re familiar with and some that you're less familiar with to help stretch out your cooking comfort zone.  

What will I receive if I buy a share?


A ¾ bushel box delivered to your designated drop site location.  Generally, one summer share will provide approximately two servings of 8-13 different vegetables per week. The average number of pounds per share/week is 20. You will also receive our Weekly Dig Newsletter via e-mail full of recipe ideas, news from the farm, pictures and information about storage for your veggies.  You are also invited to our Farm Events.  

If I want to split a share with a friend, will you split our box for us?

No, we do not split your share for you, this would simply be too much extra handling for your dear farmers.  You may want to bring a cutting board and a knife to your dropsite with you and cut your cabbages, melons and large roots in half if you plan to split with a friend.  Some weeks you might only get one red pepper, and if you both love red peppers, gonna have to cut it in half!

What if one share is too big/expensive for me?

If you think that a Summer share will be simply too much food for you or your small family but you still want to find a way to join a CSA farm and support your local farmers, consider splitting a share with a friend. You can split each box every week or alternate weeks picking up the share. We also offer Every Other Weeks Shares.  You can purchase an Every Other Week share and pick up your box every other week during our 20 week delivery program.  If you purchased a regular 20-Week Share you can always use the opportunity to preserve the summer bounty by canning, freezing and drying your excess produce depending on how much time and energy you reserve for projects such as this. Take local eating to the next level and preserve!DSCF3633


How and when do I get my share?

You will pick up your share at the dropsite that you sign up for when you purchase your share. We have several different drop locations in La Crosse, WI., Onalaska, WI., Holmen, WI., Tomah, WI., West Salem, WI., Sparta, WI., Viroqua, WI., Lancaster, WI., Platteville, WI., Madison, WI., and Dubuque, Ia. The boxes are delivered on Wednesday afternoons between 1-and 5 pm, depending on which drop site you have chosen. The shares are delivered in wax produce boxes that we re-use from week to week. We prefer that you take your veggies home in a paper, plastic or cloth bag or box of your choice and leave the produce box at the drop site so the farm can pick it up the following week.  If you MUST take the box home, you may, but please be sure to return the box to the dropsite the following week undamaged.  

What if I can't get my share during a particular week?

If you think that you will not be able to pick up your box you can send a friend, family member or neighbor to pick up your box for you without needing to let us know. If you're just running late, call your dropsite and ask them 'pretty please' to hold your box until tomorrow and they usually will.  Once your box has been delivered, there isn't much we can do and we cannot offer a replacement.  If you cannot find anyone to pick up your box for you and you know in advance that you will not be able to make it, send the farm and e-mail at least 48 hours in advance and we can re-schedule your delivery.  If you signed up for an 'Every Other Week Share' and you miss a week, you still have to wait two more weeks before you pick up your box.  You cannot expect to find a box packed for you at your dropsite on your "off" week if you signed up for an 'Every Other Week Share'.

Should I get a Full Share or an Every Other Week Share?

It depends.  Our Every-Week Summer Shares can feed a family of 3-5 depending on your familie's experience of cooking with vegetables.  This varies widely on wether or not you eat all of your meals in a week at home, if you eat out frequently, if you are a vegetarian and so on.  If you think an Every Week Share might be a bit too much, but you want to give it a try, it could be a wonderful opportunity for drying, canning and freezing your excess.  Some families talk about making large pots of soup and freezing it for when the CSA has ended for the season for example.  An 'Every Other Week Share' is a great way to enjoy the CSA experience with a smaller time and financial investment.  The 'Every Other Week' share can feed 1-4 people.  

Are there any other kinds of shares?

We do offer a Fall Share and a Thanksgiving Share that is an additional cost to our summer share where you can sign up to receive storage quantities of your favorite fall veggies such as carrots, potatoes, onions, squash, beets, leeks, sweet potatoes ect.  Our Fall Shares are larger boxes than our standard summer share boxes.  The Fall Shares are delivered in a 1 1/9th bushel box filled with 5# bags of carrots and potatoes.  Bags of onions, garlic, sweet potatoes beets and shallots.  We also include other storage roots like rutabaga, celeriac root, parsnip and diakon radish.  The Fall Share is two additional boxes in the Fall delivered two weeks apart from eachother.  Thanksgiving Shares are very similar to Fall Share boxes in contents.