About Wonderstate Coffee

Wonderstate Coffee is a gourmet micro-roaster offering organic & fair trade coffees.  Wonderstate Coffee is a family-scale enterprise situated near the scenic Kickapoo River in the driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. It is their mission to establish direct partnerships with small farmers from around the world while at the same time craft-roasting delicious coffees. Their team consists of Caleb Nicholes, Hallie Ashley, and TJ and Denise Semanchin. The foundation of their business is their shared values:  connection to the land, consideration for our local and global community, and commitment to our families and those of our trading partners.

Wonderstate Coffee & Quality

Try any of their coffees and you will discover a full spectrum of flavors—from the deep,
bittersweet chocolate tones in their Sumatran to the delicate floral aromas of the African
beans. These differences are inherent in the raw beans, but it is only through intentional
roasting and really fresh coffee that these flavors are preserved and highlighted.

Some of the coffees you will enjoy include:

Ethiopian Sidamo: Incredibly pure with an attractive sweetness,
citrusy brightness, and a lovely, crisp finish.
Guatemala Rio Azul: Deliciously fragrant & bright with lively
notes of citrus, maple syrup and milk chocolate.
Colombia Fondo Paez: Syrupy sweet with intoxicating notes of
cherries and dark chocolate.
Sumatran Tunas Indah: A slightly darker roast revealing intense
layers of spicy fruit and a long, rich finish.
Rwanda Coopac: Gloriously complex and fragrant with hints of
ripe grapes, honey, flowers and a long, bright finish.
Small Family CSA Blend: Developed especially for you based on
feedback we received from the farmers and CSA members.

$122- 1 pound coffee every other week

$244- 2 pounds coffee every other week.


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