August Twenty-Fifth


Julie harvesting Tomatoes in the warm, sunny afternoon towards the end of our summer days!




Jillian cleaning onions in the greenhouse for this week's CSA deliveries.






A "truck load" of beautiful, colorful heirloom tomatoes!


Sooo, What's in the Box???

Melons!-  Most of our members received a ripe muskmelon this week.  But we also delivered some red watermelons this week too.  Eat up your melons soon, they're ripe!

Detroit Dark Red Beets-  We're cutting the tops off these beets now because the greens aren't the best of shape.  We have another bed of young beets coming on with nicer tops for next time.  Beets will store for months in a plastic bag in your fridge with the tops cut off.

Red Onions- A red onion for your salsa!

Sweet Corn-  Like I said, we don't specialize in growing sweet corn or anything, but it's still good corn!  We didn't have a big problem with the corn worms this year, so we're doing good!  Most the ears are on the smaller side, but the corn is very sweet.  Eat this corn as soon as your are able.  Corn does not store well and it looses its sweetness every hour that goes by after it being picked as the sugars turn to starch.

Cucumbers-This may have been the last week to receive cucumbers.  They're almost completely gone now.  Enjoy them while they last!

Cherry Tomatoes- Orange Sun-gold cherry tomatoes, Red Cherry Tomatoes or an eggplant this week.  We're trying to mix it up, those who get the eggplants and those who get the cherry tomatoes.  It can be hard to do the mixing up, but we're trying.

Bell Peppers-  There are plenty of peppers now!  Some folks receive a red pepper for as long as we had them and then we started giving green peppers.

Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers and a Cayenne Peppers- Hot peppers for your salsa!  The long and skinney red one is the cayenne, the Hungarian Hot wax is also called a 'bananna pepper' or a lime-green long pepper.  The Jalapenos are the short and squat dark green peppers.  All three of these peppers have the potential to be very hot, however the Hungarian Hot Wax are not a very hot pepper.

Green Beans- More green beans this week than last week.  We're expecting at least one more strong week of beans, maybe two!  There were also some yellow and maybe some purple beans mixed in as well.

Garlic-  A medium garlic for your salsa.  To be stored in a dry, dark and cooled place.

Tomatoes-  We pick our tomatoes "with a blush", or anything that's even starting to turn pink in any way.  They ripen rapidly after this.  Tomatoes produce a gas called ethelene which makes them ripen.  If you have a couple tomatoes that are slightly under-ripe, leave them on your counter top until they have turned completely ripe, I promise it won't take long.

Cilantro-  For making salsa!

A very simple Fresh Salsa Recipe


Onions drying on the tables in our greenhouse and some onions that have been cleaned in the bin below.