We are contactable! It’s a pretty cool thing to know the name, phone number and address of the people who grow your food. 

Sometimes we can be hard to reach when we’re out working and busy as beavers, but don’t give up on us. Someone is almost always home!

FAM21 40

 Want to Visit?

If you would like to visit the farm, please give us a call at least 48 hours in advance before you would like to come.  We are very busy people in the summer time and arriving un-announced during a tightly schedule day could lead to an awkward encounter with your hurried farmers.  That being said, we love it when people want to know more about where their food is grown.  Give us a call to find out when a good time would be to c'mon out to the farm.  

Small Family CSA Farm

S 2958 W. Salem Ridge Rd.

La Farge WI  54639


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Jillian with your questions