Photo Gallery

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Solar Panels
Solar Panels Our farm is powered by a 7.5 KW solar panel system
Worker Shares
Worker Shares A fine looking bunch of farm workers!
Tomato Transplant
Tomato Transplant A young tomato plant freshly transplanted.
Lettuce Harvest
Lettuce Harvest Harvesting lettuce in the early morning.
Onion field
Onion field A nice looking field of onions.
Farm Workers
Farm Workers Only the hardy and strong work on this farm! Job well done crew!
Herb Packs
Herb Packs Four-pack of herbs for CSA boxes. Basil, oregano, thyme and sage.
Muddy transplanting
Muddy transplanting When it's too wet to plant with the tractors, we do it by hand!
Brassica Cultivation
Brassica Cultivation Freshly cultivated brassicas.
Cultivating Farmer Adam cultivating young spinach
Pepper harvest
Pepper harvest Nice looking sweet peppers freshly harvested!
Asparagus Ayla helping harvest asparagus