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Brn_FairShare_Seal_SmallWe all eat, but not all eaters eat equally. Who you choose to give your money to grow, cook or serve your food to you has an impact on your immediate economy, and ecology. If you like to eat vegetables or wish to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet while supporting your local economy at the same time, we have a suggestion for you.

Consider signing up for a change in your life that affects the lives of countless other families in our bioregion that drink from the same groundwater, breathe the same air and live near the same crop fields as you. Make an affordable change in your life that isn’t all that radical, a change that mimics the way it once was; to a time when our parents and grandparents ate from their own gardens, orchards and pastures. Consider signing up to receive a weekly box delivery of farm fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables through our CSA program. Subscribe for change.  The C.S.A. program is also known as a vegetable co-op, a weekly box delivery, a vegetable of the week club, a produce subscription program, or Community Supported Agriculture.  

Pick Up your CSA box of veggies at our designated dropsites in Dubuque IA, Platteville WI, Onalaska WI, Viroqua WI, La Farge WI, La Crosse WI, Sparta WI, West Salem WI, Middleton WI and Madison WI. 

Your First Time?

Certified-OrganicNo worries. Just follow these three steps to start receiving your food:

Step 1: Click on the Purchase tab on our navigation bar.  
Step 2:
Click 'Buy' on the share you wish to purchase.
Step 3:
Complete your checkout using your preferred method of payment.  You may also print a PDF version of our Sign-Up Form  and mail it in to us with payment if you prefer to pay offline.  


Call Jill at the farm at 1-608-625-4178.